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Discovery Gold Rush: Mid-Season 3 Update & Gold Count


Gold Rush season three is now at their “Mid-Season” break. So far, after eight episodes, things are finally starting to look good for the miners of Discovery’s Gold Rush! Have you been keeping count?

How Much Gold Have the Miners of Discovery’s Gold Rush Season 3 Found So Far?

Well here’s the count… Indian River is starting to really roll and Team Turin of The Hoffman Crew has managed to pull 108 ounces from the dirt there.

Over at Porcupine Creek, Dakota Fred and his crew also had a bit of a slow start but have now pulled 25.7 ounces from their claim after focusing their attention back on the infamous “Glory Hole.” There, Fred has just discovered a very rare hole in the bedrock which he believes could be from an ancient waterfall. If he is right, that means it could have been a gold magnet hundreds of years ago, trapping what could prove to be worth literally millions of dollars in gold today!

At Big Nugget Parker Schnabel is having a real roller coaster season so far. He has had literally the biggest week in the Big Nugget’s history (55 ounces) followed immediately by a crushing blow. He has discovered that Smith Creek, the section of the mine that his Grandfather has wanted to mine for years is a bust. Not only is it too deep to feasibly reach, but they have found from drilling samples that it has in fact already been run, it’s not virgin ground.

Discovery Gold Rush Season 3 Gold Count at Mid Season:

The Hoffman Crew (Claims: Quartz Creek & Indian River): 118.07 ounces
Dakota Fred (Claim: Porcupine Creek): 25.7 ounces
Parker Schnabel: (Claim: Big Nugget Mine): 80 ounces

Using our gold weight conversion and gold value calculator we’ve found the exact market value of all this gold today (12/21/2012):

The Hoffman Crew (Claims: Quartz Creek & Indian River): 118.07 ounces is 3,672.388 grams worth $195,405.88.

Dakota Fred (Claim: Porcupine Creek): 25.7 ounces is 799.359 grams worth $42,533.48.

Parker Schnabel (Claim: Big Nugget Mine): 80 ounces is 2,488.278 grams worth $132,399.99.

Tonight (12/21/2012) Discovery will be running a special Gold Rush – (Gold Rush: Behind the Scenes). In this special, exclusive behind the scenes footage capturing the production of the first half of Gold Rush season 3 is revealed. Film crews battle the wilderness in the Klondike and Alaska to film every twist and turn at the four mining operations.

Discovery’s Gold Rush season three then continues with new episodes Friday, January 4, 2013.

Discovery Gold Rush Season 3 Episode 1: Million Dollar Season

Aired October 26, 2012